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NHN 650

Floor Spring

NHN 650 - Door Closer - Photo 1
NHN 650 - Door Closer NHN Product - Thumbnail Photo 1 NHN 650 - Door Closer NHN Product - Thumbnail Photo 2

NHN 650
- Medium duty floor spring with spindle and various options!
- for doors up to 1100mm in width
- 150kg max door weight
- Closing and latch speed adjustment
- Non handed dual action
- Standard supply is without hold open (hold open available as option)
- with a range of door fitting accessories available
- Back Check available
- Standard finishes in SSS or Polished brass
- 5 years guarantee.

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NHN 650 Detail

NHN650 is a medium duty floor spring with spindle and various options. For installation on internal and external doors up to 1100mm wide with a weight of 150kg max. Using Cam action, NHN650 offers a range of benefits, such as closing and latch speed adjustments for a perfect closing action. Back check which is ideal for high traffic doors as it offers resistance when the door is opened with excessive force, preventing damage. Dual-handed for push or pull side mounting and double door opening angle of 130°.

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