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Self Closing Sliding heavy Door

Semi sliding automatic operator with corrosion resistant

NSC CB2 - Semi Automatic Door - Photo 1
NSC CB2 - Semi Automatic Door NHN Product - Thumbnail Photo 1

- It can be used for long periods even in bathroom and other hot corrosive environments.
- The use of stainless steel and a unique sealing technology.
- High quality and reliable sliding door solution
- Quick installation and set up
- Light door opening force
- Smooth & controlled closing
- Braking point and force adjustment
- Hold Open option
- 2 years guarantee

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  • NSC CB2 Detail

    - These products can be used for long periods even in bathrooms and other hot corrosive environments. (They cannot be used in sauna rooms or other very hot environments.)
    - The rotary part of the door roller is so designed as to be independent of dust or moisture, thus ensuring high corrosion-resistance and long stability.
    - These products apply to doors weighing 10-80kg with openings not exceeding 1,500mm.
    - The control device consists of a controlling-force centrifuge structure based on fluid friction resistance, thus ensuring high reliability.
    - These products use a pull spring giving excellent performance and high durability (1 million operations) to close the door securely with a light force.

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