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TheBig 5 Dubai 2019


TheBig 5 Dubai 2019 Construction Show

Dubai The Big 5 2019 Building Industry Fair

Dubai Big 5 Building Industry Fair, is held late November in Dubai every year. Many companies have booths in this exhibition and so many engineers and experts take part in Dubai Building Industry Fair, in this way, Dubai The Big 5 Building Industry Fair has transformed to the greatest building event in The Middle East.

Dubai The big 5 Building Fair is a global center in building industry which has gathered producers, suppliers, businessmen and service providers in the field of building materials and products and solutions related to them from Asia, Europe and America to show thousands of technologies and advanced solutions. The Big 5 in Dubai is the place of holding the biggest conferences of building experts in The Middle East. With the attendance of exhibitors with thousands of authentic and innovative products all across the world and CPD authentic workshops in the field of presentation and exhibitions of products, there will be enough information for experts of every major in building and business service industries.



the big 5 2019
thebig5 2019
thebig 5 2019
thebig 52019


Why Should We Participate in Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair?

Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair is the biggest association of civil engineers and building experts that provides an extraordinary opportunity for the participants to visit the latest products and technologies and to examine and compare the products. Taking place of educational programs in Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair is another reason to attract visitors that causes advancement and access to occupational purposes for the participants.

In other words, Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair is a gate to the biggest projects of The Middle East and connect you to the experts who are ready to work and share your knowledge with you.


big 5 dubai
big5 dubai
big 5dubai


Parts of Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair

Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair is comprised of 5 main parts as follows:

  • MEP services

This part in building industry contains:

Water piping and technology

Electricity systems

Safety and protection against fire

  • Internal parts and finishing building

This part in building industry fair contains:

Kitchen, bathroom and ceramic sheaths


Floor, wall and ceiling covering

  • Physical separators of internal and external part of the building

This part in building industry fair contains:

Door, window and protections against sunlight system

Roof, coating and glazing

  • Building materials and building equipment

This part in building industry fair contains:

Hardware, building instruments and equipment

Metal, steel and aluminum

  • Building technologies and innovations

This part in building industry fair contains:

IT software and techniques

Building Information Modeling (BIM)


3D printing

Smart building and automation

Professional technological services

big 5 exhibition
big5 exhibition
big 5exhibition



Dubai The big 5 Building Fair with a three-decade history and with more than 75 free seminars focusing on the latest technologies and innovations, is considered as the most important event of the area in building of heavy machinery, factory equipment and commercial and building vehicles. For those looking for machines to equip new factory, transportation vehicles and other related products, Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair is an important economic event.

If you want to develop and improve your occupations in this fields, don’t lose the chance to participate in Dubai The big 5 2019 Building Industry Fair.

Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair is held in Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) between 25 to 28 of November in 2019 from 11 am to 19 pm.

Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair with national booths from countries such as Germany, Italy, France, China and Austria provide customers with having access to the latest products all around the globe.

In last year (2018) more than 4500 companies from around 70 different countries had booths in Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair and more than 80.000 people have visited it. Annually, many engineers and experts from Iran take part in this professional and important event.

the big 5 dubai
thebig 5 dubai
thebig5 dubai
the big5 dubai



What Do Customers Look For?

Those travel abroad to visit Building Industry Fair look for the most creative solutions in market for products such as (Dubai The big 5 2019 Building Industry Fair):

  • Building machines and equipment
  • Heavy machinery and building equipment
  • Soil transfer machines
  • Paving equipment
  • Tools of heavy machinery
  • Air transfer
  • Destruction machines and equipment
  • Public tools and machines
  • Building and structure segments and tools
  • Pre-fab structures
  • Building equipment, reparation, maintenance and support
  • Piping equipment
  • Door, window and glass
  • Internal components of materials
  • External coating of materials
  • Insulation
  • Different types of building materials
  • Roads
  • Concrete, cement and plaster
  • Structural materials and fundamental forms
  • Portable components of building
  • Portable structures
  • Permanent structures
  • Light lamp and accessories
  • Lamp, lamp bulb and tools
  • Different types of window
  • Floor coverings
  • Internal wall
  • Furniture
  • Building reparation and maintenance services

big 5 dubai 2019
big5 dubai 2019
thebig 5 dubai 2019
thebig5 dubai 2019

Visiting Dubai The Big 5 Building provides you with making your own professional circle, familiarizing with more than 20000 creative products and being up to date with the latest progressions of this industry.

Main reasons to visit Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair are:

  • Having access to equipment, products, services and new materials

Meeting and familiarizing with universal producers of innovative products and services in a professional and systematic way and also finding suitable solutions for your own projects (easy communication among participants)

  • Experience the power of face-to-face sessions (leave your laptop or mobile phone in office and involve in in-person meetings with experts of your occupation to provide cooperation with them in future.)
  • Learn professional and novel skills and techniques
  • You can familiarize with experts among those have participated in free CPD seminars and if they are looking for job, employ them.
  • Get informed of the latest happenings and events of this industry

big 5 show
big5 show
big 5show



Be compatible with the latest technologies, consumables, rules and regulations and the most important than all with the needs of consumers along with the representation of unique and wonderful products. (Representing novel ideas to develop such industry)

  • Create a suitable communication with building industry colleagues. (business development and finding a way to the global market)

Expand your professional network, meet with potential customers, colleagues and thousands of building industry experts, use the whole of building industry value chain and expand access to related industries.

Participants of Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair

  • Building and building
  • Water and environment industry
  • Air, ventilation, cleaning and maintenance
  • Glass and metal materials and products
  • Bathroom and ceramic
  • Marble and related machines


big 5 construct
big5 construct
thebig 5 construct
thebig5 construct

Introducing different sections of Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair

  • Public building

In this section new technologies of building including heavy building machines and delicate working tools are represented.

  • Water technologies

Discussing about issues conserving with the importance of water and new water technologies in building industry.

  • Coating industry of adhesive and thief hunter

In this section, dependent and independent industries of coating industries are introduced.

  • Marble and ceramic

This section introduces industries related to stones and ceramic used in internal and external views of buildings.

  • Heating, cooling and air conditioning

It belongs specifically to HVAC

  • Kitchen and bathroom

This section represents products of authentic building companies for internal parts of a building.

  • Steel

This section represents steel industries and instruments made out of them.

  • Door, window and coverings

big 5 construction
big5 construction
thebig 5 construction
thebig5 construction

Regarding the importance of using sound, moisture and temperature proof doors and windows in new buildings, this section introduces the most recent technologies in this field.

Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair with brilliant experience is able to attract 3000 exhibitors, a collection of educational workshops from 65 countries and also many expert all around the world. The number of free seminars held during a few days, is one of the reasons that why this exhibition attracts so many specialists from all over the world and holding more than 130 free extraordinary seminars on the latest technologies, innovations and achievements in the field of buildings and civil engineering is one of the necessities to take part in this exhibition. Dubai Building Industry Fair is an appropriate opportunity for those searching for first hand or second hand building machinery or other products related to that. Considering so many exhibitors, a wide range of various products has been available in Dubai Building Industry Fair and an extensive range of products from tower cranes to transmission engineering and fluid technology is available to those who are interested in them. With attendance of authentic foreign companies from different countries such as Germany, Italy, France, China and Austria, this exhibition has promised the representation of the latest products to the customers.

Since the most authentic building companies from different countries have taken part in Dubai The big 5 Building Industry Fair, you can show your potentials to make cooperation contracts, represent services and also sell your products.

big five
the big five
thebig five
the big five 2019
thebig five dubai 2019


Introducing Dubai Exhibitions in 2019

Dubai exhibitions will be held with more specific and effective purposes to the end of 2019. Exhibition is a place where providers and visitors are able to industry with systematic reactions. Trading includes merchandise, services and information. In other words, Dubai exhibitions to the end of 2019 as a novel idea can show innovations, creativity and inventions to the visitors.

It is better to know that nowadays, exhibitions are popular in commercial relationships of organizations. Annually, exhibitions like Dubai Exhibitions with representation of creative and attractive ideas and specific designs in various fields have been able to attract more visitors to themselves to the end of 2019. In fact, exhibition is a place for live advertising. Such as merchandise, service, data, industrial and manual techniques or arts, culture, history, nature and tourism attractions advertisements of an organization, company, city, province or country. Here, we introduce Dubai Exhibitions in 2019. 

It is worth to mention that various exhibitions are held in Dubai. Each exhibition enjoys a particular credit. Here, we mention some of Dubai Exhibitions in 2019 and also Dubai Exhibitions to the end of 2019.

big 5 2019
big5 2019
big 52019

2019 Dubai Arab Health Exhibition

Dubai Arab Health Exhibition regarded as one the most considerable and the biggest exhibitions of Dubai. This exhibition is active in medical equipment. It is worth mentioning that this exhibition has a long history, which has been activated since 1975. The exhibition has been held gloriously in Dubai each year.

The purpose of holding such exhibition is to represent health industry capabilities in all nations, to show the latest advancements of the world, to represent up to date technologies, to develop therapeutic tourism, to support producers and to communicate with educational and therapeutic centers of all countries.

This exhibition is a wonderful place for researchers, sellers, activists and producers in medical field. It is necessary to mention that various conferences and seminars have been held around the exhibition. Holding such seminars and conferences has led to the increase of credit and value of the exhibition. It is good to know that 43rd anniversary of this exhibition has been held in Dubai in January 2019.

This exhibition is one of the biggest conferences of businessmen and specialists in the field of medical equipment in The Middle East. Definitely, there has not been any international exhibition more glorious than this exhibition so far. Also it is a good opportunity to meet the pioneers of this universal industry. You can also enjoy a wide range of products and services and gain excellent experiences simultaneously.

In the previous course of the exhibition, more than 4000 mighty and skilled producers, great universal distributors, the latest technologies, new and important inventions, exploitation method of inventions and related service companies have been shown to the public.

Products of medical equipment, equipment of medical diagnosis, lab equipment, physiotherapy and orthopedy technologies, radiology, medical services, and consulting services are among the products and services that have been represented in this exhibition.

In other words, you can find whatever you cannot imagine in this exhibition. Also by taking place of Constant Medical Conference (CMC) you can learn the most novel techniques and skills from experienced professors of this field.

big 5 2018
thebig 5 2018
thebig5 2018
big5 2018

Topics and Purposes of 2019 Dubai Medical Equipment Exhibition

The purposes of holding such exhibition are introducing products and their capabilities at international level, direct communication with customers and investigating their demands, providing opportunity to attract investors, communicating with raw material producers and service providers, updating technical knowledge, interacting with other companies, providing opportunity to find and absorb the talented, taking part in conferences and seminars and using various advertisements.

dubai big 5
dubai big5
dubai the big 5


Dubai Expo Fair 2020

It is good to know that we are approaching to the Dubai Fair 2020. Dubai is able to prepare 132000 rooms and 164000 chambers for exhibition and the purposed festivals by the end of 2019.

Dubai Expo Fair 2020 is one the biggest exhibitions of Dubai by the end of 2019. You should know that this fair is so important which is considered as the third important event of the world after The World Cup and Olympic Games. Expo is also named as Nation’s Culture.

Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) is responsible for holding Expo Fairs. This international office has been located in Paris since 1939. This office is able to hold approved exhibitions in universal, comprehensive and specialized forms. These exhibitions are held in 5-year, 2-year or 3-year time intervals. The holding of these exhibitions may take 6 or 3 months. Such exhibitions take place with government cooperation but private sectors are responsible for executive affairs.

It is necessary to say that booths of this exhibition have been established based on specific topics and with the purpose of related country’s interpretation of that topic. There are many differences between Expo and other commercial exhibitions. In Expo exhibitions, countries try to show their latest and the newest achievements in different fields. For instance telephone invention, modern steamboats, cone ice cream, Eiffel Tower and other novel achievements in various courses of the exhibition have been shown.

Dubai Expo Fair 2020 will be held from 2020 October 21 to 2021 April 10. This exhibition can be regarded as Dubai Exhibitions to the end of 2019. Also it is the first universal exhibition that will be held in The Middle East, Southern Asia and Africa areas. It is good to know that more than 25 million people will visit that. 

It takes 6 months and makes Arab United Emirates more universally distinguished that before. Different nations such as Britain, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Italy, Indonesia, Holland, France, Slovenia, Chile, Germany, Greece, Tunisia, Luxembourg and Ireland have announced their attendance.

The main idea and theme of this exhibition is mind communication and future creation. So this exhibition which is regarded as the Dubai Exhibitions to the end of 2019 can be a suitable mainstream to develop and propose creative ideas. Also the official logo of Expo 2020 is a golden ring as a symbol of eastern and western world communication. UPS Company, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, Airline Emirates, Pepsi Company and Nissan Company are among the official sponsors of this exhibition.

big 5

the big 5
thebig 5
the big5

Other Dubai Exhibitions by the End of 2019

Until now, exhibitions, their importance and purposes have been mentioned. Now we are going to temporally mention Dubai exhibitions by the end of 2019.

AgraME International Exhibition of Agribusiness, Poultry and Livestock is one Dubai Exhibitions to the end of 2019. It will begin on Tuesday March 3 to Thursday March 5 in 2020.

Yummex International Sweets and Chocolate Exhibition is another exhibition in Dubai to the end of 2019. It has begun on Tuesday October 29 to Thursday October 31 in 2019.

Also SGI International Exhibition of Digital Display and Advertisement Boards is another exhibition in Dubai to the end of 2019 which considered as an intentional exhibition. It will begin on Sunday January 12 to January 14 in 2020.

It is good to know that Obs-Gyne the International Exhibition of Women and Child Delivery is another exhibition in Dubai by the end of 2019. It will begin on Monday January 27 to Thursday January 30 in 2020.

Also DUPHAT International Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Technology is another exhibition in Dubai by the end of 2019. It will begin on Tuesday February 25 to Thursday February 27 in 2020.

IFT International Exhibition of Textile is another exhibition in Dubai by the end of 2019. It has begun on Monday November 4 to Wednesday November 6 in 2020.


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