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Auto Hinge

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NHN Flag Type Auto Hinges
- Comfort in a widening range of applications
- Simple design
- A wide range of uses
- Sufficient door closer power
- An internal stop mechanism
- Easy to install and simple adjustment
- Outstanding durability
- 2 years guarantee

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Flag Type Detail

- Simple design: The hinges double as door closers, thus giving the doors a neat-looking finish. Their simple and beautiful designs match all kinds of doors.
- A wide range of uses: They can also be used on arch doors that are not readily compatible with other door closers and doors with no head rails.
- Sufficient door closer power: The 100 and 200 series incorporate two springs (weak and strong) and a switching mechanism (clutch) for them, thus giving a small but sufficient door-closing power.
- An internal stop mechanism: The 300 series comes with an automatic mechanism for stopping closings at 85° to 180° (free stops), the 1000 series at 85°, and the 100 and 200 series at 85° and 150°.
- Easy to install and simple adjustment: The speed can easily be adjusted with the mere use of a screwdriver. These hinges are installed in exactly the same manner as conventional flag-type hinges. They do not require much labor. They are easy to handle.
- Outstanding durability: They are so structured as to undergo little friction, thus achieving outstanding durability.

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No.213 EN1154 test by PSB


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