Application of fittings in

Glass Doors

One of the most widely used doors in the world are glass doors (so-called toughened glass). Doors that are widely used in stores, banks, hospitals, administrative offices and commercial properties. Whether this glass door is hinged or sliding, one of the many problems of this type of door is poor quality fittings that have caused a lot of trouble for employers. Digging the ground and damage to the floor stone, oiling after installation, door falling after installation and lack of door speed regulation are among the frequent problems of hinged glass doors. Our solution for these doors is to use the NHN hinge stopper, which solves all the above problems. Also, many of the glass rail doors that are installed and operated in Iran open very hard and do not close after opening. This problem has also been solved by our semi-automatic sliding doors, and the door is opened very smoothly and with little hand pressure, and like an automatic door, it closes automatically. Also, if we want to keep the door open, it is enough to lift the door all the way by hand and then release it. In this case, the door remains open.

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