Application of fittings in

Lobby And Courtyard Doors

The trend of choosing architects and employers for lobby doors and villa doors has moved towards large sizes. Doors that are both tall and wide. Therefore, fittings that can easily move this door size and have low depreciation are very important. Because as the size of the door increases, the weight of the door also increases, and opening these doors should not cause problems for children and elderly and disabled people. Also, the closing of the door should be controlled, and if the wind falls behind the door, this huge structure should not be closed with a big bang, which is both life threatening and damaging to the frame. This is where the hidden Japanese pivot pivot hinges come to our aid to achieve the best result. Also, automatic swing operators also meet the needs of employers who want their hinged doors to be opened and closed automatically and controlled. On the other hand, these doors need locks that can be opened by my lobby command or by an electric iPhone, and they must have a strong tongue to be resistant to theft.

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