Application of fittings in 

Modern Interior Doors

Today, one of the modern and popular architectural styles in Iran and the world is the minimal architectural style. A style in which simple covering of walls and doors, simplicity in function and forms, and minimal use of visual elements can be mentioned. Also, in the neo-classical architectural style, we see the principle of simplicity and smooth surface of walls and doors. Doors on which no fittings can be seen, but have hinges, stoppers, locks, lock cylinders and seals! Yes, they are all hidden inside the door and frame. These fittings should be of such high quality that the door opens very softly and quietly, closes itself or steps at a desired angle, and closes the bottom of the door completely without us noticing, if we want to lock the door with the handle. which won the 2021 German Design Award, can be locked with just one button. Of course, apart from the beauty of the fittings, which greatly contributes to the attractiveness of the door and interior design, its durability and longevity are also very important. Paying attention to today's technologies and using fittings from advanced countries such as Japan and Germany lead to the selection of high-quality products for interior doors.

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