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About NHN

welcome to NHN

Kenwa Middle East (NHN) is an associated office of Kenwa Co.Ltd, Osaka Japan. Kenwa has upheld his extremely strong reputation over 40 years, thanks to unbeatable quality and high class service. Our products are designed and tested to meet the high standards in performance and safety. We employing highly trained and motivated staff who ready to serve you.

history of NHN

As Daihatsu Mfg Corp., in 1934 we introduced the world’s first semi-automatic sliding door closer and in 1939 we pioneered ‘Rack & Pinion’ technology in door closers. In 1977, Kenwa Co. Ltd. was formed and became an integral part of the Daihatsu family, with its aim to expand Daihatsu business worldwide. In 1980, NHN Daihatsu, introduced the automatic door, an innovative and highly reliable automatic sliding doors system. Now 40 years on, our door products continue to offer high quality solutions globally.

NHN profile

Kenwa Middle East (NHN) is associated office of Kenwa Japan in this territory. We supply and distribute high quality door products such as door closers, automatic doors, sliding door closers, door handle and lock and many other door hardware items.
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