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Center Hang Door Closer

Concealed door closer

Establishing great confidence in high technological power!

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- Concealed within door panel or frame
- 40-800kg load capacity
- Ideal for metal/wooden doors or gates
- Easy closing speed adjustment
- Wide range of closing force adjustment
- Pivot base centered on site with ease
- An alternative closing solution
- Outstanding performance
- Utilized globally

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Center Hang Door Closer Detail

- Auto Hinge – Centre Hang type are door closing mechanisms hidden within the door panel or frame, ideal for metal/wooden doors or gates.
- Centre Hang Auto Hinge is most suitable for use in such places where floor hinges cannot be installed or the arm of a standard door closer becomes an obstacle. Also works well on round shape door frames.
-The perfect choice for heavy duty door and gate applications (up to 800kgs/1,760lbs). The fixed base plate securely holds the heavy doors and the receptive base is very easy -to install on the floor.
-With top pivot bracket supplied as standard.

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