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Patch Fitting

Glass hardware

Universal patch fittings for the creation of toughened glass constructions

Patch Fitting - Door Hardware - Photo 1
Patch Fitting - Door Hardware NHN Product - Thumbnail Photo 1 Patch Fitting - Door Hardware NHN Product - Thumbnail Photo 2 Patch Fitting - Door Hardware NHN Product - Thumbnail Photo 3

- High quality with commercial price
- Hairline or bright with gold or silver finishing
- They include: corner patch, top patch, bottom patch, over panel patch, etc
- 5 years guarantee

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Patch Fitting Detail

Universal Patch Fittings
Model Description
KPF-1 Corner patch
KPF-2 Top patch
KPF-3 Bottom patch
KPF-4 Over panel patch
KPF-610 Corner patch
KPF-620 Connector patch (glass)
KPF-640 Connector patch (fixed)
KPF-650 Connector patch (2 glasses)
KPF-660 Connector patch (fixed)
KPF-41L / 41R Corner patch - Transom side & interior fin link patch with pivot (left/right)
KPF-51 Centre path - Double pivot transom panel patch with fin holder for center hung doors
KPF-610F Door to glass partition patch
KPF-620F Glass to glass partition patch
KPF-630F Glass to glass partition patch (fixed)
Patch Lock
Model Description
KPL-1 Patch lock
KPL-2A, 2B Centre lock
KPL-3A, 3B Turn knob and strike
KPL-4A, 4B Center lock (also suitable for sliding doors)
KPL-5A, 5B Centre lock with handle

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