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Automatic Magnetic Door

New and Exclusive pioneering technology from Japan

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- The new mechanism for automatic door which is driven from the attraction between magnet and coil.
- Quiet and smooth opening and closing.
- Available for single (max: 90kg) and double door (max: 2 x 75kg).
- It seldom produces powder dust and make the environment clean.
- Highly safe return function.
- Electromagnetic lock. (option)
- Function properly under power outage and other emergencies.
- Manual start-convenient assist function.
- Tested to 1,000,000 cycle of open/closing.
- 2 years guarantee.

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MM100 Detail

- Applicable the heavy door: It can open a single door of 30-90kg or a Double door of 25-75kg. It is extremely ideal for exterior doors.
- Quiet and smooth: Since the door is driven by a linear motor, it can be opened or closed in extremely quiet and smooth way.
- Electronic locks compatible: if you use specialized electronic lock and combined with the card reader, you can create an enter management system.
- Design – MM magnetic linear sliding door operators are a new mechanism, driven from the attraction and repulsion between the magnet and coil.
- Quality – Highly reliable, using only quality electronic parts, MM Series magnetic linear door operators are designed and manufactured in Japan.
- Installation – Installation is simple and achieved in several steps with all parts installed directly onto the rail from the front, therefore any component can be moved during or after installation. Parts can also be added or replaced with ease, greatly reducing time spent at site. Adjustment can be achieved simply, making MICOM sliding door operators quick to install and setup.
- Set-up – Door stroke is memorized one-time during initial installation or for servicing requirements. There is no need for the operator to re-learn each time the main power is turned on.
- Operation – Magnetic linear sliding door operators can be activated by either a sensor or push button input or by ‘push & go’. Once the door has silently moved open and after the open time has elapsed, the door will close all the while being protected by its threshold safety detection system, before breaking for a soft close at the final closed position. With a number of door functions that can be selected by handling the door.
- Silent – As the need for mechanical parts have been greatly reduced, MM Series will glide open and closed in near silence. Employing reinforced resin rollers and an aluminum rail to further eliminate excessive noise.
- Clean – Without a belt drive system and other parts associated with friction and wear, particle production from friction has been greatly reduced. Therefore MM magnetic linear sliding door operators are highly suitable in areas which are particularly dust sensitive.
- Safe & Friendly – Equipped with a very sensitive touch detection system, should the door hit any obstruction, the force of impact is incredibly light. This is followed by an immediate safety return to ensure pedestrian safety is maintained at all times. On returning to the point of impact, the door will slow to ensure the obstruction has been safely cleared.
- Delivery – MM50-80 magnetic linear drive system is available from Japan as a pre-assembled sliding door operator or as a component building KIT.
Suitability – Commercial and Domestic: For installation in Hotels, Hospitals, Shops and Stores, Schools, Offices, Factories and in the Home.

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