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NHN 1638

Overhead Hidden door closer

NHN 600 - Door Closer - Photo 1
NHN 600 - Door Closer NHN Product - Thumbnail Photo 1 NHN 600 - Door Closer NHN Product - Thumbnail Photo 2

NHN 1638
- Super thin concealed door closer!
- The super thin main body can be installed even on thin doors.
- models for EN 2 and EN 3
- Hold/Open functions available.
- Easy adjustment.
- 5 years guarantee.

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NHN 1638 Detail

- With the door closed, the main body and lever are concealed to streamline the external appearance.
- The super-thin main body can be installed even on thin doors… aluminum doors, standard steel doors, wooden doors, etc.
- The refined design, providing smooth opening and closing, is ideal for reception rooms, hotel rooms, libraries, etc… closing speed and the hold-open angle can be easily adjusted.
- Functional, durable, and attractive… a needle bearing smoothly operates the stylish closer.

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